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Obey the law and win!  

Thanks for your interest in the 2023 Unticketing Cerro Gordo contest. Although the contest is over, this page provides archived information about the project. Clear Lake Interim Police Chief Mike Colby, Mason City Police Chief Jeff Brinkley, and Cerro Gordo Sheriff Kevin Pals extend their thanks to the prize donors, contest entrants, and everyone who drives safely and legally. Because the fact is: they are all winners!


In the summer of 2023, people who drive in Cerro Gordo County joined Unticketing Cerro Gordo to win prizes like coffee shop gift cards just for driving safely and observing the speed limit.  Every two weeks, prizes were awarded to randomly-selected vehicles observed driving safely in Clear Lake, Mason City, and greater Cerro Gordo County. It’s kind of the opposite of getting a traffic ticket!

Prizes were sent by mail, so we needed each participant's address and license plate number (don’t worry: we did not pull people over to give out prizes). Opt-in to win!

The contest began May 27, 2023 (Memorial Day weekend) and continued through August 14, 2023. The deadline to enter the contest was Friday, August 11, 2023 at 5:00 PM Central time. It was open to residents, visitors, or anyone who drives in Cerro Gordo County. 

Made possible by: Clear Lake Police Department, Mason City Police Department, Cerro Gordo County Sheriff's Office, Iowa Highway Research Board, and participating merchants.